Ill' huff and I'll puff...then tell you the main events of the story!

Great progress is being made in Class Egypt. The children are working really hard to learn new concepts and are demonstrating excellent learning behaviours such as resilience, responsibility and showing a real readiness to learn. 

Last week our literacy took us on a journey through a range of traditional tales, focussing in particular on Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs. We learnt about the main events in the stories, sequenced them and then performed the story. These activities really help the children think about what drives the story...we had some interesting discussions when sorting statements into  'a main event'/'not a main event'. Our understanding of the key elements of traditional stories is now good enough for us to delve deeper into the stories next week when we focus on particular characters, find out information about them in the text and write character profiles about them.

Our character profiles will help us work on our 'word' focus: 'linking an adjective and noun together to make writing more interesting' and our sentence focus: 'use 'and' to link parts of a sentence together'. For example, the giant has enormous boots and a scary face.'

I'm so pleased with the improvement in spelling, thank you to all of you for supporting your child with their new spellings. Apologies if I dont't check every Thursday (as I didn't manage last Thursday). I shall be checking at the beginning of next week and you will have new ones to learn very shortly.

Maths was quite a challenge last week - finding the difference is not easy and we will continue to work on this in our mental maths sessions over the next few weeks. You may like to give your child the challenge of giving you 2 numbers with a difference of 2 or 3 or ask 'How many more is 7 then 5?' 

Next week we will be making our first steps into multiplication. We're not quite ready for times tables yet, but we will be focussing on the skills we need prior to that. We will be counting in 2's, 5's and 10's using a 100 sqare to look at the number pattern. Also we will be grouping objects into pairs and using lots of different resources to support the concept of grouping and sharing. For very confident children we will use number lines to solve problems involving multiplication.

Our IPC takes us further into the geographical links, as we find out more about light and dark in other parts of the world. In music we will be listening to bright, light music and contrasting it with music that has darker overtones! We will then compose our own using percussion instruments. Lets hope for a dry week as I think our compositions would be best made outside!!

Don't forget parent's evenings this week. I'm looking forward to seeing you all on either Wednesday or Thursday evenings. We also have a visit from Explorerdome on Friday, which I'm sure the children will gain much from.

Just a last reminder...Forest School on Wednesday, 9.00 am -10.20. Thanks to Mr. Beattie and Mrs. Andrews for your help at this first session.


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