What's that plant doing in my cupboard?

Last week was a fun and lively one for class Egypt! With 2 classes (Italy and Spain) becoming one, we've been getting used to new classmates and we're beginning to form new friendships which is great to see.

I hope you've all received our letter about the IPC topic for this term - if not let me know and I'll put one in your child's book bag. Thank you for your support with the unit at home, we're certainly enjoying it in class.

Last week we began exploring the effect of light on plants (after Mrs. Johnson had taught on Wednesday I discovered a plant in my cupboard! The children assured me that it had to stay there because they were finding out what happened if plants didn't get enough light). It's great to see such an interest in science. Also, we've begun to look at light and dark in paintings and photographs and we all had fun making contrasting pictures using black and white.

Our literacy focus for three weeks is poetry. Starting with familiar nursery rhymes, we've discussed 'What is a poem?' listened to lots of poetry and begun making class poems, playing with words and beginning to get those adjectives and adverbs flowing. Maybe take this opportunity to read some poems to your child - most of the children have decided that scary and funny ones are the best! Your child will have brought some spellings home to practise - next week we will check their progress and either send home new ones or continue with the ones they're finding tricky. Thank you for your support.

In maths we have been solving addition problems. By the end of last week, the children were expected to choose their own method to solve addition problems, selecting counters, fingers, a number line or working it out mentally. Next week, we continue with addition, with our focus on numbers that make 5, 10 and 20.

On Monday I shall attach some photos of class Egypt dramatising nursery rhymes - a task completed in groups without adult help, showing not only wonderful ideas, but an ability to work with other children and take on their ideas. Well done class Egypt!

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Great to hear what has been happening, and it makes the snippets that are reported back make so much more sense. Thank you.

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