'What a job' continues!

We have been very fortunate this week as more parents visited to tell us about their jobs. On Wednesday James's Dad and his colleague Mrs Shaw told us all about how food can be seasoned and that when we taste food it's not just our taste buds that are working but our noses work first! Best bit....tasting jelly babies while holding our noses! Then we invented two unique crisp flavours ..chocolate or pizza crisps anyone? I had the pleasure of dressing up in the white coat and hair net that must be worn in the laboratory! 

In the afternoon Mrs Buckley popped down from the school office and told us all about her job in school...she is one busy lady!

Today Abi's Mum and Libby's Mum did a wonderful job in explaining their was fascinating! We found out about how much water we use and how we shouldn’t waste water. Abi’s Mum helped us to discover the ‘water cycle’ (we loved the sound effects on the power point!) Libby and her Mum showed us how water meters are used and how to check for leaks! It was great fun looking at the dirty water. We noticed how the mud settled at the bottom of the container and Libby’s Mum showed us how to filter the water using filter paper. We learnt a lot of new facts today..even that we share the same water that was around in dinosaur times! This mind boggling fact got me thinking....

Get a glass of water and put it on the table next to you. Take a good long look at the water. Now..can you guess how old it is? 

The water in your glass may have fallen from the sky as rain just last week, but the water itself has been around pretty much as long as the earth has! And you thought your parents were old!

Thank you so much to our visitors for giving up their time to come and talk to us. It really does enhance the children's learning. 

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