Torville and Dean look out!

A brilliant day!


As you can see from all the smiling faces, Blue Toes Day was a great success. The children were quite fearless and even those who were a little anxious beforehand, went straight onto the ice without a second thought! It was great to see the resilience of all those who kept on trying despite spending lots of time on the floor!

We have really enjoyed writing the story of Farmer Duck this week, the children have proved themselves to be budding authors and I look forward to seeing their work in the book shops in a few years time! It is wonderful to see such enthusiasm for writing, well done everyone and I look forward to more next week.

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Comment 1 Comment by Penny Sainsbury on 23 Mar 12 at 11:18pm | Quote this comment
My son loved his first attempt at ice skating. Please keep blogging as I enjoy finding out what happens all week!

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