Science week brings magic and mayhem!

Wow, I'm exhausted after only three days in school! Its been fabulous fun and marvelously messy but what a lot we have packed into those three days and there's still more to come for Mrs Moir! The children have constructed and painted boats and are looking forward to fitting batteries and propellers to them, ready for launching on Friday. A huge thank you to Mr Moss for all the hours of preparation that have gone into making this such an exciting project for the children. Thank you to our very patient buddies too, who were brilliant assistants.

On Tuesday our buddies joined us again to plan the colour schemes for our boats, design and build boats from construction kits, test them out in the water tray and many other boat related activities! As usual, the children loved spending time together and learning from each other.

Wednesday afternoon was a highlight with an amazing series of experiments and explorations for the children to try. They began with a very messy time outside finding out about solids and liquids in the form of gloop, (apologies for the gloopy coats and children but it should brush off when dry!)  air resistance with water and lentil filled balloons and spherical bubbles and a 'bubble screen' which magically doesn't pop if a bubbly hand is carefully pushed through! All mind boggling stuff and SUCH fun!

Next they went to find out how nappies absorb so much liquid and were fascinated with the strange granules which they discovered inside, then perhaps most popular of all, I had to endure the public shame of being found out to be the ice cream dastardly detection, my fingerprints were discovered to hold the key and I was forced to own up! Luckily I was forgiven as it was the excitement of my birthday which got the better of me and made me momentarily forget myself!

Well, I'm off to a darkened room to recover now but before I go I must say a huge thank you to the team of parents and other helpers who have worked so hard to provide all the fantastic resources and plans and who have given up so much of their time. We are really very fortunate at Blue Coat to have such fantastic support from the community.

The science fun continues on PhotoPeach

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the boats in the picture look really cool I wish I had one. ;-)

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