Horrible hairy, smelly and scary.......trolls!

Hello everyone! Its been another busy start to the week and goats and trolls have featured heavily! we are doing very well with our story telling. Has anyone tried telling our story to their families? If so watch out for the troll faces, they're a bit scary! We will be doing lots more story telling next week and will be acting out different parts and even composing musical accompaniments to our story! 

We have also been painting trolls and learning how to mix colours. Soon our class will be full of all sorts of trolls, all different and each one more horrid than the last. I'm a bit worried about going back in the classroom on Monday, I may need to borrow a big goat to come with me!

Speaking of goats, I think Mrs Moir will have more news to tell you about a goat for Africa.......but more of that to follow.....

I was sorry to miss the Chinese New Year celebrations last week, the film clip was fab, it was lovely for me to get to see it all too and I thought the dragon dance and music were spectacular, well done everyone!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Mrs Davies

“Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?” Well the children are very familiar with our focus story now and we have begun to act it out. Our Chinese restaurant has transformed into hills, fields, a river and a bridge! Now the children will have the opportunity to play different parts and remember all of the great story language we have been practising in class.

As you will know both Reception classes are trying to raise money to buy a goat for a family in Africa. The children are very excited about the upcoming cake sale (Thursday 2nd Feb) and are looking forward to being the shopkeepers! Our Year 6 buddies will be helping us on the day to take money and give change. Hopefully there will be lots of cakes so we can bring our money too and purchase a cake at the end! THANK YOU in advance for making/buying cakes for us to sell, we really appreciate your support!

As well as the cake sale we will be holding a colouring competition which all classes can enter. You can collect your ‘design a troll’ poster from Mrs Davies and it will cost 20p. The winner will be announced during Friday Worship…Good luck!

As part of our Personal, Social and Emotional Development this term we are focusing on ‘Good Manners’. It can get quite busy in our classroom with 23 of us but it is so lovely when you remember to say please and thank you, or let someone in front of you in the line. We will be thinking about what we say to our friends and how we say it so that we can all get along happily.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you Wednesday!

Mrs Moir

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Comment 1 Comment by Janet on 28 Jan 12 at 2:57pm | Quote this comment
I love the buy a goat idea. When I was in reception (a long time ago), a local primary kept goats, and they brought one to us for a day so we could try milking it.
Comment 2 Comment by Evie P on 01 Feb 12 at 7:29pm | Quote this comment

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