Watch out for the dragon!

He's ready for action and looking sparkley and splendid! Our dragon is complete and the dance is looking brilliant. The children are very excited about wearing their lucky red and yellow clothes for our celebrations on Thursday. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos, I'm sure it will be fabulous fun!

We have been writing down the children's thoughts about all they have learnt about Chinese New year and I am really impressed with how much they have remembered. It has been lovely to hear all their ideas about how the Chinese culture is different from ours.

Arana has been having a great time, thank you so much for looking after her so well everyone. She has helped me put together a treasure box of Spanish food related items. I wonder how many of them you can remember? See if you can tell your Mums and Dads. Maybe you could find out more about Spanish food and tell us at school about your favourite Spanish dish.....?

That's all for now!

Mrs Davies

What an exciting end to our Chinese topic! The dragon dance was such fun as you can see in the video!  The children performed brilliantly and the musicians did a great job accompanying our dragon as it weaved in and out of the year 6 children. We sang our Chinese songs to our buddies, taught them a few Chinese greetings and shared fortune cookies together. We also enjoyed watching Class China’s Worship on Friday afternoon which tied in so well with our learning.

Next week we will be trip trapping into the world of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children have already started to learn a version of the story with actions which they will hopefully share with you at home. We will be dramatising the story, making props and singing songs including a well known favourite ‘The Big Bad Troll’. As part of this topic we would like the children to be involved in some fund raising in order to buy a goat through the charity Oxfam. This may involve some cake baking but more details to follow next week.

In Numeracy we will learning about length which will involve lots of exploring, comparing and building. We will be using mathematical vocabulary such as longer than, shorter than, wide and thin and also plan to have fun directing the Beebots (programmable toys) on short and long distances.

Finally we are having great fun in our P.E session on Fridays. The children love the lively warm up games and next week we will be making bridges with our bodies for our partners to go over and under..just like the Billy Goats! Thank you to my partner Mrs Crossfield who always loves to take part!

Mrs Moir


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