The dragon takes shape....

Wow, what an exhausting Wednesday! Today we began our dragon dance. The hall was filled with over forty children drumming, dancing and playing tambourines.....we had a wonderful time practising our Chinese dragon dance but it was quite a relief to return to the relative peace of the classroom! We will continue to practise next week and are looking forward to showing off to our friends at school!

We have also been reading stories about China, writing about our Chinese Zodiac animals and thinking about how we celebrate our own New Year with our familes. The children have particularly enjoyed constructing a dragon's head ready for the dance and decorating it with all sorts of sparkley red and yellow bits and pieces.

Arana is currently enjoying her first visit to one of our homes and I know Mrs Moir is looking forward to hearing all about her adventures! I shall be very excited to hear how she gets on at the weekend too. She will be learning so much about life in England and will be telling us some more about life in Spain next week.

Bye for now!

Mrs Davies

Hello! It's Mrs Moir here! Well we had a very busy end of the week too! The children are very excited about our Chinese celebration next week where we will be singing Chinese songs and performing our dragon dance to our friends. We would like the children to come to school in home clothes (red and yellow if possible) on Thursday 19th January as these are lucky colours for Chinese New Year. We hope lots of the children will join in with the Chinese lunch the following day too.

We were very interested to find out how Arana got on at Daryn's house last week; she had a busy time playing the piano and even made a new spider friend! We look forward to hearing all about Arana's adventures at Issy's house this weekend. Thank you for taking such good care of her so far!

Now that the children know lots of sounds they are ready to start using them to write captions and labels. We are still learning a new sound a day so there may be times when the children take thier sheet home to complete as we have focused on their developmental writing at school. We really appreciate your support with practising correct letter formation.

I have been really impressed with all the children and how enthusiastic they are! I have enjoyed getting to know you all and look forward to lots of singing, dancing and learning  in 2012!

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Dragon dance? Wow that sounds fun! Did everyone enjoy it? :D

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