Pig or dog?

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

It was lovely to see you all again after the break and the children have returned refreshed and filled with enthusiasm. They were particularly excited to learn about Chinese New Year which we will be finding out lots about over the next few weeks. We began by learning a Chinese song, some Chinese words and finding out in which year we were born. Are you the year of the pig or the year of the dog......?!

Once we had found out, the children set about making themselves some fabulous masks which you can see in the picture below. Next week we will begin making a dragon, ready for our dragon dance which we will perform to our friends to celebrate the New Year.

We have sent home some words in special bags in the children's book bags this week, to help them pracise their sounding out skills. These will be changed every Friday. We do appreciate your support with helping the children practise at home, it makes a great deal of difference to their progress.

Mrs Moir had a fantastic time with the children working on the apparatus in PE on Friday. The children do all need to have their PE kits in school again so that they are ready for action! Don't worry about daps yet though as we are working with bare feet in the hall.

It was so busy at the end of the week, working on Chinese projects, that we didn't have time for a second group read. The children all had a new book to share at home over the weekend though, so I hope you have enjoyed them. We really appreciate your comments in the reading diaries, to keep us up to date with how the children are progressing at home.

Thats all for now, time to go and see what Arana is up to; she has been visiting my house this weekend and has had lots of adventures.........more to follow!

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