Santa's reindeer leave a trail....

It was great to see so many of you at the Christmas fair, I had a great time painting nails and chatting...what better way to spend a Saturday! While I was there, I'm sure I heard someone say 'Ho, ho, ho and I just caught a glimpse of someone in a red suit. Well, I had my suspicions about who it might have been but then on my way home, I caught sight of something else; on the way into our wooded area, there were some hoof prints! I followed them through the woods and into the infant playground and there in the willow tunnel was a set of bells which had become caught in one of the branches. I continued on my way and soon got to the adventure playground where I spied a red bucket and what do you think was in it? There were some half eaten carrots and some hay!

Today I told the children about my mystery and they were very intrigued. Some of them set off to see what they could find. they followd the trail and soon came across a dropped present and later some straw. I think that red suited gentleman must have had his reindeer with him!

We have made a workshop for Santa in our role play area and are giving him lots of help preparing presents, writing lists, labels and letters and mending toys. The children have been astounding me with their brilliant independent writing skills. What a talented class they are!

Christmas has arrived in a big way and we are now in full glitter mode. Hopefully we will have some lovely surprises to share with families at home on Friday. I know Mrs Moir had a wonderful time making badges and decorating trees at the end of last week and the year six buddies are looking forward to making decorations on Thursday with their Reception friends. Don't forget it will be our party on Wednesday, so come to school in your party clothes. It should be a fun filled end to the term!

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Comment 1 Comment by Janet on 12 Dec 11 at 10:46pm | Quote this comment
Oh! its a good job you blogged about wednesdays dress code. I hadn't picked it up from elsewhere. Thank you.
Comment 2 Comment by Clare D on 12 Dec 11 at 11:16pm | Quote this comment
Ah, that explains why I got an even more massive 'Yes Mummy!' than usual to the 'did you have fun at school today?' question! :lol:

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