Patterns galore

Another busy week in Class Spain, so busy in fact that we didn't manage to write our last sound of the week so you will find "f" in your bookbags to practise at home! I wonder if anyone can ffffind any ffffabulous, ffffascinating words with "f" in them to share on Monday?

So what has kept us so busy? Lots of "Whoops a Daisy Angel" singing and dancing, Gingerbread Man story acting and artwork, pattern making and prop making to name but a few of the activities which have occupied us this week, to say nothing of the Children in Need extravaganza today!

The pattern making has been particularly impressive in our class. the children have been given problems to solve; for example making a repeating pattern out of a series of different coloured shapes. Look out for our Star Achievers in the News section "Hall of Fame"; Keeley and Charlie were a dream team, working out a repeating pattern with four different elements; very impressive! Edward managed a pattern with different numbers and colours completely independently too, well done to all of them.

The children have begun working with Talk partners this week as well. Talk partners have to learn to be good listeners, good speakers, good questioners and thoughtful, helpful friends. We have begun by finding out a little bit about each other and working together. They have made a great start and will be supporting each other in lots of ways before we swap and get to know new partners.

We had our second Friday Club this week. The children enjoyed their end of the week reward, during which they were very inventive, creative, active and imaginative while taking part in various activities indoors and out. The children enjoy choosing one of the exciting activities on offer if they have managed to avoid the Rain Cloud (mentioned in the blog "Arana makes an entrance") all week.

It was lovely to see Mrs Moir when she came to visit. She is planning several visits so that she can get to know the children and will be helping us with our "Whoops a Daisy" performance. 

Finally, have a look at some Gingerbread Man picture making, Mrs Moir's visit and some more brilliant pattern makers. 

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