Run, run, as fast as you can...!

The Gingerbread Man has featured heavily this week....or rather he should have done but he keeps on hiding! The children have been hunting for him outside and have found him in all sorts of unusual places; in the gazeebo, under chairs, next to the bikes, inbetween the shed and the flowerbed...he's been everywhere, but describing where he was, has helped us no end with our positional language. Perhaps you could practise some of those words while tidying up your toys everyone?!

Not only have we been hunting for the Gingerbread Man and telling the story, but we have been trying to help him out too. We were worried about him getting tricked by that naughty fox again, so thought we'd think of some other ways to help him across the river. Some very inventive ideas were tried out, some more successfully than others! We made bridges, boats, aeroplanes and even tried out rubber rings!

We are beginning to work on a large picture for the classroom featuring the Gingerbread Man too. We began by blowing lots of blue bubbles and taking prints from them. These will make beautiful clouds for the sky and another team of busy artists used paint, sponges and pinecones to make gorgeous textured hills! Look out for our masterpiece in future weeks.

Anyone passing our classroom this week will have wondered if choirs of angels have been visiting us!  It hasn't been choirs of angels however, but choirs of children learning beautiful songs for our Nativity performance......yes, Christmas comes early in Spain and Italy and we have begun our preparations already! Letters will follow shortly to tell you about costumes. Please don't worry, we like to keep things simple so you won't need to get the sewing box out!

It was our last Forest School session on Thursday and we enjoyed some rather charred but very tasty toast by the camp fire! Thanks to Mr Brooks for looking after us so well and giving us such a lot of great experiences this term.


Finally, here is a taste of the delights experienced today at the Key Stage 1 cafes. For more photos, see the Latest News feature.

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Great work girls and boys.

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