We love breakfast at school!

It was great to see so many of you enjoying breakfast this morning, it felt like quite a party especially with the young dancers at the front of the hall who were enjoying the music! Talking of music; we have three new star achievers who impressed me with their great rhythm and listening skills as they danced and tapped away to the music in the classroom earlier this week (see the photo below).

Well done to all of you who worked so hard to do up buttons, sort out 'inside out' sleeves and get your trousers on the right way round too! We had our first full change for PE today and everyone made a great effort. we even had time for a little bit of PE in the hall!

The bread making has continued to be a big hit and we will be finding out about everyone's favourite toppings next week. I wonder what you like best on your bread? I'm rather fond of garlic bread and Arana tells me she loves galrlic too, with tomatoes, onion and a little olive oil........mmmmm!

That reminds me of our latest sound; 'm'. We thought of some fantastic words with 'm' in them today. How about 'magnificent, warm, yummy marshmallows'? Maybe you can think of some more? Is the 'm' at the beginning, in the middle or at the end? How many 'm's can you spot in that marvelous set of 'm' words?

The Little Red Hen story has inspired some fantastic book making this week. I loved all your drawings which told the story in sequence. We made a story map showing all the different parts of the story and how they link together and as soon as we had finished, the creative area and the writing area were a hive of industry!

Another great story teller joined us this week..... Mr Ryan came to share a brilliant story all about a greedy zebra. We were joined by class Italy and all listened beautifully as you can see on the picture on the Class Italy blog page.

I am really looking forward to our first Forest school session on Thursday next week. Don't forget your warm home clothes and come prepared for lots of messy mud and mayhem....more m's!

The other excitement in store is the start of our reading books. It will be great to hear what Biff, Chip and friends are up to again. I think our wonderful story telling skills will be put to good use!

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Comment 1 Comment by Clare D on 15 Oct 11 at 9:52am | Quote this comment
Breakfast in the hall was a great - a really lovely idea and I've never seen my children so keen to get out of the house in the morning! We've also been hearing lots about Worship this week and the whole family has 'Big red combine harvester' in their heads on a permanent loop...
Comment 2 Comment by Karen F on 16 Oct 11 at 4:14pm | Quote this comment
Thank you for a super web site. As a Granny at a distance it is lovely to know what they are doing. It means I can talk to them about school on our web chats.
Comment 3 Comment by Janet on 18 Oct 11 at 5:29pm | Quote this comment
I love seeing what you are planning to do. As a mum who doesn't get to the school gates everyday it keeps me informed brilliantly. It's a much more accessible alternative to a notice in the classroom window. I also like the photos which prompt little chats on what you have been doing (without the stimulation of the picture Libby generally "can't remember"!)
After looking at the photos of the print walk, Libby spotted lots of writing on the web site.
Libby also likes to look for pictures of her buddy in the key stage 2 pages, and she likes to know what her friends in the other classes are doing. (I am resisting her offer of typing.) :-)
Comment 4 Comment by Mr Ryan on 18 Oct 11 at 5:46pm | Quote this comment
Well done, 'mum', and thanks for the comments. We all love to read them. Maybe the Blue Coat blogs aren't ready for Reception typers just yet then!
Comment 5 Comment by Helen Beattie on 19 Oct 11 at 6:14pm | Quote this comment
We all enjoyed the big breakfast, a great idea. Also enjoying reading what you have been upto in class, I gather the walk around Wotton was a success, sorry I missed it, we have heard all about it from our daughter!
Comment 6 Comment by Penny Sainsbury on 20 Oct 11 at 11:19am | Quote this comment
I loved reading Mr Ryan's captions & photos of the print walk. I now know lots about the print you saw, as well as that dead rat.... :-)
Comment 7 Comment by Mr Ryan on 20 Oct 11 at 2:26pm | Quote this comment
:-) It wasn't dead, we agreed.... it was 'sleeping' wasn't it children? A very deep sleep...

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