Starting Phonics!

Hello everyone! It was so nice to meet all the parents this week and to hear how much you are enjoying the new website. Here is our latest news!

What a lot has happened! We have begun our Letters and Sounds work and can all write s, a, t, and p now. I wonder how many different words you can make from those sounds?

Following the brilliant story telling  of 'The Little Red Hen' which the children have been doing, we were inspired to have a go at making our own bread. Its been rather messy in our kitchen and we may be finding dough in strange places for a few more weeks! Everyone will be having a turn and we will be finding out what sort of bread Arana's family in Spain enjoy and what they like to eat with their bread.

There have been two special meetings this week too; Arana and Topo (The Italian mouse from Class Italy) have been introduced and were very interested to find out about each other's homes. They were a little shy at first but soon got chatting and have been thrilled with all the messages and presents they have had made for them by the children. Arana was especially pleased to hear about our class rules because she sometimes gets a little frightened when it gets noisy. The children have told her all about our 'classroom voices' and she is much happier now that she knows they will be trying to use them! We have also met our Year 6 buddies today. There were 45 very excited children in the reception classes waiting to meet their special new friends and it was lovely to hear them all chatting and finding out a little about each other. I wonder who can remember something special they found out about their buddy today?

Examples of print and writing have been flooding in for our 'Writing wall' and we have loved sharing everything from Indian restaurant menus, to photos of huge yellow writing on the road! Thank you to all of you for helping with our collection. we will be adding some more photos when we go on our walk around Wotton on the 18th of October.

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