Arana makes an entrance!

It's been a very exciting week in Spain! On Monday we discovered a visitor! Arana the Spanish spider was hiding in a box in the classroom. She lives in Girona in a house belonging to Miguel and Sofia and their Mama and Papa but her web seems to be magic! She was crawling into the middle of it, when suddenly she fell through a hole and found herself in a dark box in our classroom. You can imagine her surprise. Feeling very scared and lonely, she wrote a message asking for help and luckily we found it and her! Arana is now a regular visitor and is very happy to have so many new friends. Luckily she has learnt the magic spell to get her home to Girona but is always waiting for us in the morning for another visit with news of life in Spain.

The children have been very interested to find out how to write Arana's name (Arana means spider in Spanish) and have been very busy writing labels for her box and showing Arana how to write their names too. I think Arana might enjoy leaving regular messages for the children and would love them to reply!

This week we will be beginning our Letters and Sounds work and will soon know enough sounds to begin sounding out some simple words all by ourselves. We can't wait to start reading and writing! 

It is great to see the children so happy at lunchtime and enjoying the company of their fantastic year 6 buddies, who have been such a great help showing them the routines in the dinner hall. With everyone staying for full days now, we will soon be seeing more of our buddies and sharing more new experiences with them.

It has been lovely to read the comments posted on the website and in answer to the question about our sunshine and raindrop; all our children's names make up the rays of sun on our 'good learners' sunshine. If however someone forgets how to be a good learner, their name moves to the raindrop, giving them time to think. When their behaviour changes for the better, they rejoin the names on the sunshine. Luckily, this happens very rarely and we enjoy a very sunny classroom!

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I wish arana could come to my house.

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