Chinese New Year!

Class Kingfisher has launched into our new topic 'Chinese New Year' with great excitement! We began the week by finding out about the story called 'The Great Race'; then we could find out which animal represents the year we were born in. We have some fabulous rat and ox masks created already!

We have discussed what we would like to find out about China and how Chinese  new year is celebrated. Some of our class want to find out what the children wear to school and if their day is the same as ours. While other children wondered if there are churches in China and want to find out more about their buildings. We all thought we would like to  try some chinese food so we will definitely plan in some tasting activities-yum!

This week we will be listening to Chinese music and beginning our dragon dance. We will be thinking about loud and quiet sounds and how these are created.

We are continuing our phonic work so please check your child's bag for  new sound sheets. If the sheet hasn't been completed at school, please can your child have a go at home. During our phonic sessions we are now writing lots of labels and short captions in our special writing books.

In mathematics this week we are focussing on number recognition, ordering numbers and solving addition problems..with dumplings of course!!  

In R.E our theme is friendship. We continue to encourage the children in order to show kind behaviour to each other through sharing stories and by talking about everyday experiences. We love to see the children really thinking about others for example  waiting patiently to get to their drawer or offering to help a friend with their coat. We hope to see lots more brilliant behaviour next week!   

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