Celebration Time!

The Dragon's head is taking shape now as we prepare for our Dragon Dance. We have invited our Year 6 buddies to come and watch our dance and listen to our Chinese New Year songs on Friday.

Last week we enjoyed learning some Tai Chi moves from Mr Gao a teacher from KLB. We had to follow his instructions and move slowly and quite gracefully at times. Then Mr Gao showed us how to make paper decorations ready for Chinese New Year just by folding and cutting paper. We were able to ask Mr Gao questions about how he celebrated CNY when he was a boy, what the buildings were like and what food is popular in China. The children were very respectful and we showed our appreciation to Mr Gao by perforning one of our favourite Chinese songs.

Speaking of food.....we are in for a treat on Monday! We are going to have a Chinese feast where we can taste and discover all sorts of flavours. You will be able to try rice, noodles, dumplings, spring rolls all with a dash of soy sauce! I've got 46 sets of chopsticks at the ready so we will give that a try too (plus spoons just in case it's a bit tricky!)

In literacy we are continuing with our letters and sounds work introducing the digraphs (2 letters one sound) We have a go at writing them on our whiteboards each day and try and spot them in words. Please have a go at your sheet at home when you find the right moment. Each morning when the children arrive not only do they put away their belongings, put their reading book in a box to be changed but they also find a whiteboard, pen, rubber and get going on some super handwriting practise!  We try different things each day, sometimes revising the tricky words 'I, to, the, go and no' or practise some useful words (High frequency words) such as got, and, had, am, it. We Practise number formation, name formation and handwriting families (letters that are grouped together because of the way we form them such as c,o,d,g,q. The children have become used to this routine and are getting much quicker at carrying out these tasks in the morning all before the register. Well done everyone, Mrs Davies and I are extremely proud of you all; such independent learners and positive attitudes!  

In Maths next week we will be revisiting 2D (flat) and 3D (solid) shapes. We will be making Chinese temples using large and small construction and describing the shapes we have used. Can you remember the name of a shape with 6 faces, 8 corners and the faces are all square? We can even construct another Great Wall of China as we had super team work going in last week as it gradually took over the carpet!

We will continue to tell addition and subtraction stories such as 5 dragons breathing fire, one got puffed out and had to go home. How many were left? We also looked at money last week and paid for items in our Chinese shop using 1p coins. If you can play with 1p's and 2p's at home that would really help. Perhaps you could teach your grown ups the noodle song to the tune of 5 currant buns

"5 bowls of noodles in a Chinese shop, hot and spicy with sauce on the top, along came Mrs Davies with a penny one day, she bought a bowl of noodles and took them away. 4 bowls of noodles........etc"

It's going to be another fun packed week, let the Chinese New Year Celebrations begin! See you tomorrow

Mrs Moir



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