Gung Hey Fat Choi!

In other words 'Happy New Year!' The children are really enjoying finding out about different Chinese traditions and customs. We looked today at a day in the life of a Chinese school child compared to our school day. We talked about some of the similarities and differences between the two. We thought that Chinese writing looked quite tricky but we have enjoyed having a go at painting some of our own symbols with black paint! We found out that in some Chinese schools the children line up in the playground and all join in with exercises before they day starts! Perhaps we would try that Class Spain!!

We have had great fun practising our dragon dance and have been planning the designing and making of a dragon's head. I think Mrs Davies has a great big box we can use but we will need everyone's help to make it colourful and sparkly!

In literacy we have learnt two new sounds, y and z. The children have been sounding out and even writing words with these sounds in such as yum, yap, zip and zag! We have been looking at how to write a simple sentence using a capital letter , finger spaces between each word and even remembering a full stop at the end. Today the children helped me write 'Zak had a zip on his bag'. I am so impressed with the children's sounding out skills so keep practising your robot arms children! We have 5 new tricky words to remember..he, she, me, we and be. See if you can spot them in magazines, on cereal packets and in your books at home. We began singing the ABC alphabet song today too. We are not learning how to write capital letters yet but just noting that each lower case letter has a letter name too.

In maths it's all about comparing and measuring different lengths. We have learnt how to compare 2 'snakes' laying them out flat side by side, nose to nose or tail to tail to make sure it's accurate.  We had to say which is longer and shorter. Then we got into teams of three and put our snakes in order, shortest , longest and in between. Perhaps you could try finding something longer or shorter than a rolling pin or an umbrella at home!

The children have coped so well in these snowy conditions, putting wellies on and off numerous times! We had a little play in our outdoor area this morning but it was extremely cold. Well done everyone for managing coats, zip, gloves, hats and scarves so well. Try to keep your wellies in a bag on your peg and hats and gloves need to be named and kept in your drawer or on your peg where you can find them easily.

Mrs Davies plans to do some more winter paintings this week where the children are learning how to colour mix different shades of blue. A new set of words to practise sounding out and blending will be sent home at the end of the week too. See you soon,

Mrs Moir 



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