Welcome back!

Hello everyone and welcome back! it was so lovely to see you all again after an exciting but busy break for everyone. We are so impressed by the children's positive attitudes and enthusiasm for learning. They have made a great start to the new year.

We are going to begin each morning from now on, with some handwriting practise on whiteboards. This will help us with letter formation and reinforce some tricky word spellings and High Frequency words too. We had our first try today and I was so impressed with the way the children organised their belongings and got straight down to work. Your support in getting the children into school promptly and independently has really helped them begin the day in the right frame of mind.

Monday is going to be a very exciting day! We are looking forward to lots of finding out about China and preparing for our new year celebrations at the end of term. remember to wear your home clothes with a bit of red and yellow if you can, or even some authentic Chinese garments if you have them! If anyone has any Chinese artifacts, books or pictures they would like to show, we would love to see them too.

Today we had some good discussions about some great games to play in the playground at lunch times. Sometimes the playground can become a little too rough, so we had a think about some good games which help keep each other safe and help everyone to have fun. If you have any more ideas, let us know and we can try and teach them to each other.


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