Christmas is coming!

We have had a busy start to our week as usual and have begun preparing for Christmas. Most importantly each day we see whose turn it is to take a chocolate home from our advent calendar! Santa's Workshop is up and running in the home corner where we can design a gift, make it, wrap it then deliver it! We've had some very busy elves organising deliveries and there have been lots of opportunities to have a go at writing a label for a present or a card for a friend.

In literacy we have begun putting the sounds we know into practise. When we want to write a word we 'sound talk' it just like a robot then have a go at writing the sounds we can hear. Next week we will be writing some words to match objects in Santa's sack. If you want to have a try at home by writing some of the sounds you know children then please bring them in to show us!

We will be continuing with our focus on addition and subtraction in maths by finding one more and one less than a number to 10 either with counting objects or by looking on a number line. Some of you are already doing it in your heads; I wonder if you can add 2 more or take away 2 from any number to 10?

The main event next week is of course our Christmas Play! The children have worked so hard in order to learn all the songs, and to remember when it is their turn to come on stage to act and dance! Mrs Davies and I are really proud of the way you have joined in during rehearsals and we know Mums and Dads are going to be amazed by you all!
Let the Christmas festivities begin!

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Quoting Esther H:
Madeleine was very excited by the advent calendar! We are really looking forward to the nativity!

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