A short week

It has been a short week but what a week of weather! Sadly it was too wet for forest school but we did manage to get out in the afternoon for a wonderful welly walk during which we used all our senses to explore. We looked for different shaped and coloured leaves, sorted them and made pictures, we listened for all the different sounds we could hear, looked over the top of the hill to see what we could see in the distance and found lots of different rough and smooth things to compare.

We have also been using all the great boxes etc you have sent in, to make our Gingerbread men. A big thank you to you all for your kind donations! We will continue next week, so will gratefully take any more recycling you may have to spare!

Our models have helped us discover lots of facts about 3D shapes and we have learnt that solid shapes are easy to see hiding under a blanket but that flat shapes, or 2D shapes are really hard to see. I wonder how many solid shapes you can spot at home and how many facts you can remember to help you describe them? How many faces do they have and how many edges? Which ones can roll?

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and that the weather doesn't spoil any of your plans.

Have fun!

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