Forest School Fun!

We had a fantastic first Forest School session, so well done everyone! We talked through the Forest rules with Mr Brooks, "Don't lick, don't pick and don't go past the blue rope". There were some very muddy hands (and faces) from working in the digging area, enthusiastic shelter building with logs and creepy crawlies being discovered and then released back to where they came from!

Remember next Wednesday come to school in your trainers and bring your wellies in a bag or even better keep your wellies at school as we will use them for outdoor play now it's getting muddy. Mr Brooks did say we will need warm fleeces as the weather gets colder too! We definitely all enjoyed our hot chocolate and biscuit at the end of the session. Many thanks to Monty's mum and Jenny's mum for their help today.

In Mathematics next week we will be learning about 2D and 3D shape. If you have any empty cardboard boxes (small/medium size) we would appreciate it as we will be making models. Toothpaste boxes, kitchen roll tubes,  etc would be great. Thank you!

When Mrs Davies and I have worked out how to upload photos successfully we will share some forest school highlights with you!

This week we loved making our Gingerbread Men with Mrs Hayward's help. Thank you for providing aprons, we all really did look the part! We were able to watch our runny mixture turn into dough in the great big mixing machine and luckily no Gingerbread men escaped from the oven and they were ready to decorate the next day. I hope they tasted as good as they looked!

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Quoting Esther H:
Thank you for a fantastic forest school experience, Madeleine came home telling me it was her best day at school yet!

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