Run, run, its the gingerbread man!

Look out, I'm sure that was the Gingerbread man I just saw running through the classroom! The children were very excited on Monday, when they discovered a special visitor hiding in a huge box in Class Spain! The Gingerbread man popped out of the box and was good enough to stay and answer some of the children's questions before he had to run away again.

Our story telling skills have been developing brilliantly and there has been much racing around our outside area trying to cross the river on the back of the fox, who isn't always as helpful as he might be!

The classroom is now boasting a very chic bakery and cafe with all sorts of delicacies to eat, including Gingerbread items of all sorts of shapes and sizes! we are hoping to make the real thing soon, with Mrs Haywood's help and will get to cook them in her great big oven!

We have been taking away during maths sessions this week and are getting very good at making up subtraction stories and finding out how many tnings are left. Perhaps you can try it at home when you are counting toys or laying the table?

Finally, we were so proud of the children this week, who all read beautifully and have taken their first books home to share with you.

Some of the books are without text and are to encourage the children to tell the story using the pictures; we have some great imaginative story tellers in our class who can even make up the words the characters might be saying! Other books have a few repeated words, which introduce the names of the characters and will soon become familiar as the children relate the pictures to the text. We hope you have lots of fun sharing them together and look forward to reading your comments in the yellow reading journals.

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Quoting philip m:
Brilliant, I'll be sure to ask Louis about the ginger bread man when he wakes.I'm surprised he hasn't mentioned it...!!

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