A typical day in Reception

Parent's evenings - Thank you so much for your support! This term is all about settling in to school and the children are all doing so well. It was lovely to hear how positive the children are about school and Mrs Davies and I enjoyed sharing some of the children's highlights to date!

We thought it would be useful to give you an idea of a typical day in our class so that when you receive the response "don't know" or "nothing" when you have asked what they did today you can rest assure they have been very busy!

So here goes...

When the children arrive we encourage them to hang their coats up, put book bags in drawers and water bottles in the correct place. Then they come and find a good space on the carpet ready to listen and learn!

We welcome all the children and do the register. We look through our daily timetable so that we all know what's coming up and in what order. Every Monday half the class choose a helpers job for the week. This may be a register helper, milk helper, calendar, fruit (bringing out the fruit for afternoon play) or line helper (going at the beginning or end of the line in after each playtime). The other half of the class will be a helper the following week.

We begin the 1st session with our letters and sounds work. We have a short carpet input where we learn the sound, action, formation and song together. We also play lots of listening and sound discrimination games. We then explain the 'jobs board' which are activities often related to our input but include lots of exploration too. The children come in small groups to either us or Mrs Crossfield to complete their sound sheet. When they are not working with an adult they can select their morning jobs. There is a very purposeful and industrious atmosphere and we encourage the children to be as independent as possible but the children know that they ask us for help anytime even if we are with our focus groups.

Playtime -The children take their snacks outside then they have their milk/water sitting in a circle when they come back in. This is often a good time to calm down and to talk about how playtime has been.

2nd Session - Mathematics. Again we begin with a short carpet input with number songs and counting games. We then introduce or consolidate the area of maths we are focusing on either counting, addition, subtraction, shape, space or measure. We then work with the children in small groups and when not with an adult the children select from the jobs board which are a range of activities including maths related ones.  We often take our mathematical learning outside in our outdoor area too.

12.00 Lunch. The children have a short play in the playground first then go into the hall for lunch

Afternoon - We register the children again and may start off the afternoon with story telling activities, music, creative input or 'finding out about our world' type activities.  We then explain the different activities on offer in our classrooms, in the outdoor area and in our 'mini classroom'. There is always an adult supporting or leading play in the outdoor area with children from both reception classes. We are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their learning so we talk about what equipment we need out, what they intend to do and have a short review at the end of the session. Inside we will have adult led activities taking place. We also use this time to listen to your children, play with them and observe how they interact with their peers.

Playtime - Another short play in the playground and all children are offered school fruit


Home time

Phew think thats it! Wednesday is slightly different as we have P.E and Write Dance in the mornings and we will begin Forest school after half term. We also have singing practice and R.E each week. I think you will agree it's pretty jam packed so please don't worry when they say they've done nothing... they really have been very busy learning, playing and having fun!

Next week we will be building up to our Harvest service in the church. This is just for school pupils and staff but the recpetion children will walk down to church hand in hand with their buddies which I know they will enjoy. 

In Mathematics we will be printing and making patterns using fruit and vegetables. We will be looking at the different types of bread from this country, Spain and Italy and hope to do some sampling! We will talk about what to expect at St Mary's and practise our Harvest songs. Letters and Sounds work will continue i,m,n,d. We will continue to look at different versions of the Little Red Hen and keep practising our story telling with actions.

See you next week.   

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