We love school!

It's so lovely seeing all your happy faces in the mornings, you are all coming into school with great independence and we are really proud of you. Coming through the Key Stage 1 door has really helped us, we have got to our classrooms quicker and are ready to start learning, thank you parents for your support with this new arrangement.

This week we have been talking about our families and drawing them in our books. We have been writing our names too and practising where to start each letter.

We are great counters! The teddybear numbers in our room have been hiding and we have managed to work out which numbers are missing by looking at the next door numbers - pretty impressive!

We are looking forward to another week finding out about each other's families and if you would like to bring a photo of your family to share, we would love to see it. Just pop it in a named envelope.

Have a great weekend and see you all soon!


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