Fantastic Flemenco!

What fun we had on Friday afternoon in the hall with the whole school. Each class took to the stage and performed a short song or dance to represent their country for the Blue Coat Olympics! Team Spain were brilliant! I think everybody in the audience could see how much fun we had dancing the Flemenco and especially the Macarena! Well done all of you for keeping up with the lively music, it was lovely to see you all enjoying it up on stage! Maybe you teach your family the Macarena now and dance around your living room!

Forest school returns this week for the next 4 weeks so please remember home clothes for these Thursdays. 

The Enormous Turnip work continues in our class. We have read different versions and compared the different characters in each book. You have all made such wonderful book covers, now I can't wait to see how your writing progresses inside! 

In Numeracy we will be using our knowledge of counting in 2's and 10's to solve simple addition problems. Try this one.... 5 children were watching 'Mike the Knight', how many eyes were watching TV  altogether?

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Comment 1 Comment by Sarah Titley on 18 Jun 12 at 8:33pm | Quote this comment
Sounds wonderful - my son has already demonstrated the Macarena several times with more and more hip action every time! Very impressive.

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