Putrid porridge....yum, yum!

What, I hear you ask, is putrid porridge? Well the children will tell you; it is the most foul concoction, invented by them, to give Goldilocks a shock should she dare to return to the Three Bears' house! The children wrote fantastic recipes, including ingredients of a very dubious nature, using their imaginations to the full! Their writing was impressive, if rather disgusting in content!

We have also been using some great mathematical language to compare the weights of bears. The children had to find out which bear was the heaviest and the lightest and were quite surprised by the results. The biggest bear actually turned out to be the lightest!

Next week, we will begin to prepare for the Jubilee, when the artist Steve Porter visits us to paint a mural with the help of the children from the Foundation stage and Key Stage 1. He will be creating a huge work to go in our school hall, which will commemorate this special historic moment as well as charting some of the history of the past sixty years. It should be fantastic fun, so watch this space......

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