Happy Easter!

It has been a very busy term and a very varied one too. The children have been very lucky to hear from so many parents about their jobs. Thank you once again to all those of you who have visited us. 

There have been lots more farmer Duck activities this week. We acted out the story using mood music in the hall and the children looked very sleepy, weepy and tired, just like Farmer Duck! They soon cheered up when their animal friends came to help however and scurried around the hall with lots of laughter and fun!

The police have been active in our role play area too; having been caught stealing (again!), I was locked up and made to write a 'sorry letter' and all the officers responsible wrote excellent police reports which will be used against me I'm sure!

Mrs Moir is enjoying lots of Maths related Easter activities to end the week and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all refreshed in April!



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