Science and Engineering Week in Class Italy 1

Class Italy have had a busy start to the week. Yesterday we made our Grand Prix racing cars. With the help of our buddies and some very willing helpers, all of us managed to make a car. When we tested them, some travelled backwards instead of forwards....a minor detail that was addressed today and now all move in the right direction! They look great and are very individual now that we've designed the 'shell' to cover the car.

Today, our buddies joined us again for more of an investigative day. We've been discovering how wheeled vehicles and toys work, and learning new words such as 'axles'. Our investigative skills have continued indoors, as we explored how natural materials behave in water and had a great time finding out what happens when  sugar, salt and sand are mixed into warm water. We learnt a new word... 'dissolve'!

More updates later in the week.


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 13 Mar 12 at 7:11pm | Quote this comment
Looks like brilliant fun down in Foundation stage - really looking forward to seeing the Formula 1 cars!

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