Rock On Class Italy!!

We've had a very busy 2 weeks, with so much going on everyday. Lets see if we can remember some of the highlights...

Last weeks jobs topic got well under way as we all dressed up. A great stimulus for helping us think about what we would like to learn about. We decided that our role play area needed to cater for lots of needs, so we're having prop boxes in there so we can change the focus from day to day. This week we have been learning about entertainment, so the focus has been on actors, singers, sportsmen and women. Our role play has become a performance area and has proved to be very creative, as we made our own instruments and sang along to the CDs (judging by the photos, I'm convinced we have the next Lady GaGa and Robbie Williams!) 

Today, World Book Day, has been a great success. The children loved sharing their 'Story Boxes' and I was impressed by how much they knew about the books they'd chosen. Thank you, parents for your support with this. This afternoon we visited the revamped library with our buddies and had a great time listening to them read us stories.

This morning, Charlie's dad came to talk to us about his job as a musician. We learnt so much about music styles, the instruments he plays and the technicalities of changing key on a guitar! We even managed a sing-a-long!

Next week we're planning to learn more about the emergency services, and jobs that help people and animals keep healthy. We also have parent consultations next week. I'm looking forward to seeing you all and talking with you about the progress the children have made.

I hope your child is enjoying sharing their new books with you. Please try out some of the activities on the pink or red card (or think of some yourself). The books are designed to help your child practice a range of skills such as finding information in the text, how to use a contents and how to use an index. Have fun with them  - remember that non-fiction books are written to be dipped into rather than reading from cover to cover.

Here's some photos to show some of the fun that's been going on this week.                                                    

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There is so many fantastic singers,finding,reading,and lastly guitarist

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