Dancing Dragons (and that's just the staff!)

Hello everyone, or should I say 'Ni Hao'? It's been a thoroughly Chinese week, from dragon dances to the wonderful Chinese lunch provided by Mrs. Haywood. Yesterdays class worship by Class China, was excellent  - informative and entertaining and linked so well with our theme for the start of this Spring term. Many thanks for your support on Thursday. The children looked great (as you can see on the video) and performed their dragon dance with flair. Next time, a set of eye holes would be a useful addition to the dragon heads I think!

Topo has had a lovely week visiting some of you at home. Over the last week, his travels took him to a local cafe, he has made friends with a lovely wolf and has even played a maths game! Thank you for making his time so special and for completing the diary too.

Next week sees the start of our learning based on the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have already listened to the story and enjoyed a variety of different versions. We will be dramatising the story and using puppets to retell it. Hopefully by the end of the week, the children will know the story so well they can tell it to you (with actions!)

As part of this topic, we would like the children to take part in a fund raising activity...with a goat theme. We would like to buy a goat through Oxfam Unwrapped, costing £25. We hope this will be an opportunity for the children to learn more about their world, the similarities and differences between their lives and those of people overseas, and to understand that they can make a difference to the quality of others lives. We hope to team up with our buddies during this event, and will be asking for your support in terms of baking or buying cakes. More details next week once we have confirmed the date.

Finally, as you are aware, a maths game went home for the first time last week. I hope you are enjoying playing it. As stated in the note that came with the game, maths games are changed every Tuesday. Please remember to return it so that we have a good selection for the children to choose from each week. If you have any questions, please do pop in. Next week our maths focus is length, as we teach the children to compare different lengths and use the language of length, such as longer than, shorter than, longest and shortest.




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