Christmas in Italy!

Christmas has well and truly arrived in Class Italy! We have been very busy this week, painting, cutting sticking and of course glittering. The classrom floor is very sparkly, (lets hope some of the glitter made it to the cards and pictures!) Father Christmas has a workshop in the class at the moment. Wonderful pictures and writing have been produced, including letters to Father Christmas and lists of things for him to remember on Christmas Eve.

We are still keeping going with our reading right up to the end of term. Sorry to all of you in Blu and Verde groups, I discovered your reading wallets in the 'going home' box after school. I do hope you will still read at home with you families and you can have them on Monday.

Next week promises to be a busy one. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you at the Christmas Fair tomorrow. We have our Christmas lunch on Wednesday followed by our party. Don't forget...home clothes on that day as it's hard to boogie in your unifrom! On Thursday our buddies will be joining us for a festive afternoon of Christmas creativity and Friday brings us to the end of your first term at Bluecoat. Here's a photo of Christmas in Italy! Father Christmas's helpers are a very industrious lot!

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Comment 1 Comment by Carly U on 11 Dec 11 at 10:18am | Quote this comment
That looks like alot of fun.
Comment 2 Comment by Chloe B on 04 Jan 12 at 6:53pm | Quote this comment
Nice accurate cutting everyone :-)

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