What a Performance!

A huge WELL DONE for your fantastic effort with Whoops-a-Daisy yesterday! I felt so proud of you all. Your singing was loud and clear, your acting was excellent and those of you with lines to say said them brilliantly. Next stop RADA! Judging by your faces, you all enjoyed it too. It was lovely to have so many positive comments from family members too. Thank you so much. (I'll attach a photo on Monday)

Although the week has been busy with our play, we have still kept up our hard work in reading, writing and in our maths. It was great to see so many of you having a go at writing words from the Gingerbread Man story. All that practice at home with your sounds and writing your letters is really paying off.

Every week,our confidence in reading grows and grows. Parents, you will notice that your child may be bringing home a mixture of Biff and Chip stories (Oxford reading Tree) and Jelly and Bean books. This is because the different reading schemes help the children practice different reading skills. The Jelly and Bean stories have a big focus on saying the sounds in words, then blending the sounds together to read the story, whereas the Biff and Chip stories focus more on reading tricky words and some 'sounding out' words with a more complex and lively plot. We hope you enjoy the books as you share them at home. Please do comment in the yellow reading diary, the dialogue between home and school is essential so that we can work together to support your child with their reading. Also, keep on reading to your child. I know that so many of you read stories to your children, and it shows in the language they use in school, the way they know how books work, and in their own ability to make up stories as they play.

Next week, promises to be full of glitter and tinsel. We'll be making Christmas cards and decorations and we hope to have a workshop for Father Christmas and his helpers!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 07 Dec 11 at 10:43am | Quote this comment
One of, if not THE, best Reception Nativity performance I've ever seen. Congratulations to our early learners and our talented teaching team!
Comment 2 Comment by Chloe B on 07 Dec 11 at 8:02pm | Quote this comment
WOW that was really good!

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