Patterns, Partners and Pudsey!

Our rehearsals for Whoops-a-Daisy Angel are well under way and the children are rising to the occasion, giving us ideas for props, actions and costumes...they are such a creative bunch! I hope you all received notes about your child's costume, remember to pop in and talk to any of the reception staff if it's proving difficult to make or buy.

Our maths this week has been based on pattern making. The children have been learning how to make repeated patterns using 2, 3 or 4 shapes or colours. We've had a great time making patterns in lots of different ways - see if you can find any patterns around your house and tell us about them at school next week.

Our big picture of the Gingerbread Man is looking great, and we've had fun creating the different parts. Please come in and see it (it's not quite finished as we have a few characters missing) and look at the different techniques we've used to make it.

This week we have begun working with our talk partners. I was very impressed at how well pairs cooperated as they made a Gingerbread Man out of recycled materials. It can be hard to take our partners ideas into account sometimes, but it was great to see such good turn taking and sharing of ideas and skills.

Finally, we finished the week with Children in Need and the introduction of Friday Club. We all looked so colourful, and raised an amazing amount of money. The cakes and sweets went down extremely well, though some of us bought so many we ran out of hands and couldn't physically eat the cakes we bought without dropping them!

Our Friday Club is proving to be big success. The children are rewarded for following our class rules with a 30 minute club time on a Friday. We usually have 4 clubs run by the reception adults - physical (football, basketball, ropes, bean bags) on the junior playground, creative (dressing up, drawing, cutting and sticking), small world (dinosaurs, playmobil, wild animals etc.) and construction (building and making kits such as lasy, sticklebricks, luna park). The children aim to keep all 30 minutes of Friday Club time, however, 5 minutes is taken away from any child who, after reminders and warnings, continues not to follow our class rules. So far we have all kept our Club time. Well done Class Italy!!                                                                                                                                    

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Well done it looks great.

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