Di che colore e? What colour is it?

I've just looked at the latest news section and seen the photos from our Reception Welcome Service. It was a lovely reminder of a really special afternoon, and I hope all of you who were able to attend felt as proud of the children as I did. If you weren't able to come, do take a look at the photos to give you a flavour of our special celebration.

The children have come back from half term, excited and ready to learn. Our week has been full of learning new sounds and words, and in maths we have been introducing the children to subtraction. Shortly, we will be informing you of our learning overview for this half term so that you can support your child at home. 

The children now spend some of their time working in groups, which they may have mentioned to you. We group the children according to a mix of boys and girls and take their social needs into to account too, trying to make sure that all children feel confident to talk in their group and are able to listen to others who are talking. The groups have colour names, but as we're class Italy the colours are Italian  - rosso (red), giallo  (yellow), verde (green) and blu (I think you know this one!)

Thank you to Edwin, who started out Gingerbread Man theme off by bringing in his own copy of the story which we shared on Tuesday. We would love to share lots of different versions of the story, so if you have a copy at home we would love to borrow it for the day and share it with the children.

The children are growing in confidence with their reading, and book sharing times are a real highlight of the day -so much enthusiasm and so much to say! I hope your child is enjoying sharing the books at home with you too. Remember to pop a note in the reading diary to let us know how he or she has got on, or just a date to show when they read to you. 

Mrs.Davies and I are busy planning next weeks activities - judging by the weather last week I think we need a wet weather theme! I know that the children will be carrying out some problem solving activities as they help the Gingerbread Man cross the river (a blue curtain) without getting his feet wet. By Monday morning we may have a real river running through our outside area if the rain continues! I'll let you know how the children get on in the next blog!


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