The Big Green Dog...and other stories!

Wow! What a busy term this has been. You have all become such great members of Bluecoat school, and I'm so pleased with the way you have settled into class Italy and become super learners. You are all ready for a holiday now, so enjoy yourselves and come back refreshed and ready for more fun!

While we're thinking about next term, our new story will be The Gingerbread Man (always a favourite). If you have the book at home already, see if mummy or daddy will read it to you. Over the holiday you might like to go for a walk if the weather's good, and see if you can spot any of things the Gingerbread Man saw as he ran through the countryside. Look out for

  • animals
  • plants
  • buildings
  • listen to the noises of the countryside fact use all your senses and let me know what you discover!

This has been a great week for getting outdoors. Our Print Walk on Tuesday morning was a great success, and I was very impressed with how many different places you spotted writing. If you take a look at the News section you'll see more photos from our walk. When we returned, we made a book showing all the different places we found print, and this weeks Bluecoat Star Achievers, Elizabeth and Maia did some great writing on their pictures.

We have all been telling the story of The Little Red Hen, while I've been writing your story in your books. What a lot of story language you remembered, and I loved the way you added actions and expression as you told the story. We had great fun making up our own version of The Little Red Hen...Class Italy's is called The Big Green Dog! He found a grain of wheat, but instead of a bull, a cat and a rat, we had a pony (this involved a lot of hair swishing), a rabbit (with a very wriggly nose) and a pig (curly tail) who all refused to help! Now you know the actions you can tell this story...or even better make up one of your own! I'll look forward to hearing them after the holiday.

It has been a great week for reading as well as writing. You all amazed me with your reading skills, and it was great to listen to you telling stories about Biff, Chip and Kipper. Enjoy reading them to your families (and pets also love to be read to!) Keep practising those sounds and tricky words. We'll have more to learn when you get back to school.

By the way, you may like to know that the most popular topping for our bread was ham!

Have a good rest this week all of you and I'll look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 1st November.








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those paintings look amazing!!!!!!!

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