From Marmite to Mozzarella

This has been a very busy week in reception. It was great to see so many of you at todays Big was a good job it was followed by P.E, a chance to work off the copious amount of toast and croissants that were consumed! On the subject of breakfast, more of us have been making bread, and next week we'll be finding out what our favourite toppings are. Perhaps you could have a chat at home and bring your ideas in next week (just to let you know I am a HUGE marmite fan and Topo loves mozzarella!)

We had a treat on Wednesday afternoon when Mr Ryan read us the story of The Greedy Zebra by Mwenye Hadithi. It's a real favourite of mine, and I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Now we know why the zebra has stripes...and you can tell your family!

Thursday was the last Forest School for this half term and although I wasn't able to join you this time, the photos show what a great time you had cooking toast on your camp fire. Many thanks to Mr Brooks and all the parents and year 6 children who have helped us this term.

The Little Red Hen continues to help us with our story telling. Our story map, showing pictures and symbols from the story help prompt us if we get stuck. Thank you to Mrs Crossfield for your fabulous artistic skills! Next week, we will be making up our own stories based on the The Little Red Hen...changing the charaters and possibly the setting. We're full of ideas already, including the addition of dogs mice and princesses!

Our sounds for this week are in the Sound books - i,n,m,d and don't forget to look out for Tricky words too - todays word is 'I'. More next week. Our Print Wall is looking great and has been a good base for discussion about where we find different kinds of writing. We're all looking forward to our Print Walk next week on Tuesday morning...I wonder who's good at spotting writing around Wotton?

Biff, Chip, Kipper and family make their entrance next week as we take home our first reading books. I'm sure we'll have great fun sharing the books in school before you take them home for the half term holiday.



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Comment 1 Comment by Elizabeth L on 14 Oct 11 at 5:46pm | Quote this comment
I told Mummy and Daddy about plaiting my bread. I loved mixing the ingredients too. I shared the bread with Joseph. I like having jam and butter on my bread. :P
Comment 2 Comment by Mrs Davies on 14 Oct 11 at 8:27pm | Quote this comment
mmmm mozarella....that's another great 'm' word to add to our list!

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