Project week- A bear's habitat!

We have started our special 'Bear week'  by finding out exactly what bears need in order to survive- food, drink, shelter, warmth and safety.  We found out that there are eight types of Bear in the world and we discovered where they live. We loved looking at the map of the world, spotting different continents then countries and talking about whether they were hot or cold climates. We discussed whether Polar bears actually eat penguins..what do you think?

Then we each decided on a type of bear to design a den for. We choose between Pandas, Polar and Brown/Grizzly bears. The children have all designed their den thinking carefully about different features it may need, for example trees, river, snow. Now the plans are in place we intend to get making for the rest of the week!

Not only is this a great opportunity to design and make but we will also be looking at the 3D shapes used in the dens and trying to describe them using language such as corners and faces. We will be looking at similarities and differences between the different bear habitats too. Once we get constructing we may have to adapt or even change our plans. We may try things out and decide there is a better way of fixing or joining something together. I am sure the children are going to be very creative as usual and take great pleasure in making their dens. Our finished dens may not end up like our original  design but don't worry. As long as we can describe what we have done and what we changed that's the most important part! We may need to persevere when things don't go to plan but that's what learning is all about!

As we are having a full on Bear week (and bank holiday yesterday) I  have popped a new book in everyone's bookbag today.  This will be a new book which your child hasn't read in school so please support them when you can at home.


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