Gung Hey Fat Choy

We are feeling totally immersed in Chinese New Year, last week, Mr Brooks came to talk to us  about his trip to China. He told us lots of funny stories about his time there. He brought along some of his treasures he had kept including a delicate Chinese dragon kite, chop sticks and a special tea set for drinking green tea. Thank you Mr Brooks!

We have made chinese lanterns, decorated dragons and have painted Chinese numbers. Mr Goa, a Chinese teacher from KLB, came to talk to the children about China, they had an opportunity to ask questions, learn some Tai Chi and watch Mr Goa demonstrated how to make paper decorations.

Last week, in maths, the children were finding things that were longer and shorter than an onject. We all had a go at putting objects into size order. This week we are looking at money, please help your child by looking at coins and talking about the differences, making amounts using 1p coins and having a go at buying something in a shop.

In Literacy, we are still learning sounds but have moved onto diagraphs (two letters that make one sound). The children will be bringing these sheets home as homework to complete. This means we have more time in class to begin to use those sounds to write words and sentences.

We also, last week, talked about playtimes what we enjoyed and what we didn't like about playtimes. We talked about what to do if we didn't want to play a game or if we didn't like something. The children were keen to share their ideas and games they thought others would enjoy.

Don't forget tomorrow is Forest School please wrap up your children in warm clothes!

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