An excellent start to a New Year!

Welcome back! All the children have returned refreshed and ready to learn, well done!

Excellent Attendance

Every week the class with the best attendance wins a point, when the class has three points they win a non-unifom day. Much to our delight we won our third point and will be choosing a day to wear non-uniform soon!

Chinese Topic Launch

On Monday please remember to dress up as it is our Chinese launch. Class Italy can come dressed in yellow or red or chinese style clothes. We have lots of fun activities planned and our role play is now set up as a wonderful Chinese restaurant. We will be finding out about Chinese New Year and China fo the next four weeks so if you have anything you'd like to share please bring it in.

Next week

We will be learning two new letters and we be using the letters we have learnt to sound out words. We will also be taking away in maths.



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