Christmas has begun!

Our Nativity play is nearly here, the dress rehearsal today went really well and I'm looking forward to the first performance tomorrow. Thank you to all my parents for providing wonderful costumes. The children have worked really hard learning all the songs and actions, learning when they need to come on stage and off again and of course remembering to act or dance! I am very proud of you and I am sure your Mums and Dads will be too! 

Last week we began to prepare for Christmas. The children helped set up our new role play area as Santa's Workshop. The children (Santa and the elves) have their own letter box to recieve letters from the class, written in our writing corner. They can design a gift, make it, wrap it then deliver it! We've already had some very busy elves wrapping presents and writing labels today!

We have been focusing on addition and subtraction in maths by finding one more and one less than a number to 10 either with counting objects or by looking on a number line. Some of you are already doing it in your heads; I wonder if you can add 2 more or take away 2 from any number to 10?

In literacy we have begun putting the sounds we know into practise. When we want to write a word we 'sound talk' it just like a robot then have a go at writing the sounds we can hear. Next week we will be writing some words to match objects in Santa's sack. If you want to have a try at home by writing some of the sounds you know children then please bring them in to show us!


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