What a week!

What a busy week! We began by making gingerbread men on a colassal scale with Mrs Hayward. We were alble to add all the ingredients and watch Mrs Hatward's huge mixer turn the ingredients into sticky dough. Luckily no gingerbread men managed to escape and we all enjoyed decorating them the next day. I hope your child enjoyed eating them. Thank you to Mrs Hayward's help and than you for providing aprons we really did look the part!

In Mathematics we have been busy using the balance scales to weigh different objects and find things that are heavier and lighter.  In English we learnt the sounds h, b, f, ff and enjoyed retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man.

We finished the week with Children in Need which was crazy but fun. All the children had the opportunity to visit the Year 6 stalls on the playground where they could buy cakes or sweets or have a go at a game or two.

In Mathematics next week we will be learning about 2D and 3D shape. If you have any empty cardboard boxes (small/medium size) we would appreciate it as we will be making models. Toothpaste boxes, kitchen roll tubes,  etc would be great. Thank you!

Remember Friday is an INSET day.

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