Welcome to Class Italy

Hello and welcome to class Italy! Well done to all the children in class Italy you are all coming into school with great independence and smiles! You are settling in so well!

We have started to come through the Key Stage 1 door, thank you parents for being patient with the new arrangement, this has helped us to get to our classes quicker and calmer. 

This week we have been counting using our rocket number line and singing lots of number songs. The children have been counting groups of frogs and ordering numbers. Very impressive class Italy!

We have also been talking about our families and drawing them in our books. We have been writing our names too and practising where to start each letter.

We are looking forward to another week finding out about each other's families and if you would like to bring a photo of your family to share, we would love to see it. Just pop it in a named envelope.

Have a great weekend and see you all soon!

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