The Pea, the Bean and the Turnip!

On Monday morning we watched a brilliant puppet show by the Storybox Theatre Company. It wove the stories of The Enormous Turnip, the Princess and the Pea and a story (unfamiliar to us) about a bean, seamlessly together. A little girl can't get too sleep and needs a story or 3 (sound familiar?) The children have written reviews of the show...and here's a sample of them.

'My favourite part was the mouse because he was cute!' Flo

'I like the bean because it split!' Edwin

'My favourite bit was when the girl said "Batman!" I like the girl, she was funny.' Henry

'My favourite bit was when the girl said that it was too lumpy. My favourite character was the girl because she said the mattresses were too lumpy'.' Elizabeth

'I liked the farmer because he pulled the turnip.' Finlay

Rod makes all his puppets, heres the farmer and the ENORMOUS turnip!




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