Smelly socks, creepy caterpillars and gruesome goo!

All the reception children have been writing instructions to make 'Putrid Porridge'- a rather nasty mixture of ingredients to keep Goldilocks away from the Bears cottage! I have come to the conclusion that the children are far more imaginative and wicked than their teachers, and poor Goldilocks would not last long if she tasted their horrible concoctions! We've had caterpillars, smelly socks, blood, eyeballs and rotten fish (and those are the nicer ingredients!) Take care if your child offers to make you a could be lethal! However, their instruction writing has been excellent...well done everyone.

Maths this week has been all about weight. We have compared different bears, and found ways to discover the heaviest and lightest using bucket scales. The language of measure is the hardest aspect to learn, so if you are able to support at home with a bit of weighing (you don't need scales as the children become human scales holding an object in each hand) that would be great. We are learning to compare 3 or 4 different weights and use the language 'heavier than' and 'lighter than'.

Mrs. Johnson has started the Special Boxes with the children. If they haven't shared already, next Wednesday is the next sharing day. The boxes so far have been wonderful, and the children have really enjoyed describing their special places.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you at the May Fair tomorrow. Do come and say hello (and buy a raffle ticket!)

Next week looks to be another busy one as we write our own Goldilocks stories and prepare for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations the following week.

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