A Grrrreat Performance!

Congratulations children on a fabulous performance on Friday.You should all feel very proud of yourselves.If you haven't already seen the photos,do take a look, they really sum up what a great performance you gave.Many thanks to all your mums and dads for providing you with such amazing really did look great.

Although last week was focused on our class worship,we still enjoyed learning about length and had great fun making hats for our bears.We learnt how to measure our bears heads using string, then used the string to measure the paper correctly.After decorating the band, we fastened the ends and had a super fitting hat for our bears.We've also learnt to use language related to length - shorter than, longer than,shortest and longest.

Our bear chairs have been a great success, and the bears are now looking very comfortable as they recline on their chairs. If you have any more boxes at home, we still need some to make the last few chairs. Thank you.

Next week, we will be continuing with our instruction writing as we write instructions to make sandwiches (so don't be surprised if the children are suddenly keen to take over the kitchen and make their packed lunch!)

Enjoy your extra day of holiday tomorrow and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

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