What's in that basket!!!

Hello everyone! We've had a very busy and exciting week. On Tuesday, Sophie came to school with a mysterious, and rather noisy, basket. Inside were 2 beautiful goslings! Mrs. Blaken (with Sophie and Edward's help) explained all about how the goslings grow and hatch. We all had a cuddle with the goslings,(see below for a few pictures). Many thanks, Mrs. Blaken for bringing them in and I hope they were'nt too traumatised by us all!

We have all designed out bear chairs this week, and next week we will begin making them. Thank you for bringing in boxes, this is much appreciated.

Our work on capacity has been good. We have learnt lots of language such as full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty. Bath time would be great opportunity for further exploration and practice!

Finally, we have turned ourselves into mummy/daddy bears and followed instructions to make porridge. We learnt the importance of following the instructions in sequence, and looking carefully at quantities. The porridge was delicious, if not a little sticky!

Our class worship is well under way. We're learning lots of songs and the acting is worthy of RADA! Thank you so much for providing the costumes. Next Wednesday is the day we've planned for them to come into school, but if there's any reason it needs to be later, just let us know. We do hope you'll be able to join us for lunch. It promises to be a tasty event.

As always, if younger siblings are coming to the worship, please remember that as our children often have small voices when they perform, it can be difficult to hear them when younger children are making a noise. Please do not hesitate to take them out into the corridor if necessary.

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Comment 1 Comment by Sophie on 01 May 12 at 5:58pm | Quote this comment
Sophie says "I love goslings." :P
Comment 2 Comment by Sandie Nickols on 02 May 12 at 11:10am | Quote this comment
Really looking forward to Friday, my son has been very excited about it all week!

Good luck! ;-)

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