Grilling Goldilocks!

I hope you all had a very happy Easter and a restful (but nevertheless fun packed) holiday. We've returned to the theme of Bears...and Chairs. Our story focus is Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and we have already started learning the actions to help us retell the story. On Monday morning the Foundation Stage team presented their own version of the story, with each of us taking on a role, (photos to be posted on Monday!) It was great fun and hopefully brought the story to life! Afterwards, each character sat in the 'hot seat' where the children had the opportunity to ask questions about why each  character behaved as they did. For me, as Goldilocks, this was more of a grilling and I felt  thoroughly ashamed of myself .If she's ever tin that same situation, the advice given was to phone first and ask nicely if she can come round for breakfast!

Our writing this week has been learning to write captions and sentences to match pictures of key events in the story. It's been great to see how many children are organising their writing so well, using their own ideas, spacing their words to make it easier to read and some are even remembering to use full stops and capital letters. Brilliant. I'm thrilled with the amount of writing that's going on at home as well. The children proudly share it with me and the rest of the class. Our maths has focused on reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20 and understanding the place value of these numbers. We're all getting much more confident as we answer questions such as 'Can you tell me a number that' s greater than 11, but smaller than 15?' 

Next week, a lot of our learning is based around the story, A Chair for Baby Bear which is a 'what happened after Goldilocks ran away' story. We do hope you'll all remember to bring in your bears so that you can design a chair for him that suits his requirements (details in the newsletter sent on Friday). We will also be following a set of instructions so that we can make porridge, and in maths our focus is on capacity.

Finally, we are getting very excited about our Class Worship on Friday 4th May. Many thanks for helping us out with costumes - your child should have taken home a letter on Friday saying what part they're playing and the costume that's needed. As always, if you have any problems do let us know. We have a good supply of card etc. if you need to make crowns, hats, and other props. Please could the costume be in school on Wednesday 2nd May? Many thanks.

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you look funny! :lol:

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