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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Once, a million years ago,there was a little dinosaur called Dexter. One day Dexter was stumbling along in the woods when he heard a roar for help. Almost straight away he ran towards the cries for help until he came to a clearing in the woods and found a female dinosaur who was stuck under a fallen tree! Dexter started trying to pick the fallen tree up between his horns but it wouldn't budge, so he ran back to his herd and gathered up all of the strongest dinosaurs.When they had finally got the fallen tree off the female, they heard a roar but this time not for help but for declaring war! Quickly they all sprinted back to their feeding ground to take cover, whilst all of the herd were hiding the female dinosaur (who's name was Delia) told Dexter what had happened just before he found her.What had happened was three tyranosaurus-rexs had attacked her herd, luckily she got away but one of the T-rexs had noticed her and gave chase!When it caught up with her they fought, but sadly Delia lost and then the tree fell on her she fainted. by katy T

To be continued...

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Comment 1 Comment by Archie Cl on 15 Mar 14 at 9:25am | Quote this comment
I like the story because it had lots of descriptive words and leaves you wanting to find out what is going to happen next.
Comment 2 Comment by Eliza R on 17 Mar 14 at 8:11am | Quote this comment
Wow , this is really good. I like it when it says the dinosaurs were declaring for war. I really cant wait to see what comes next! From Eliza R ;-)

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