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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

On Tuesday we used our pinhole viewers to calculate the approximate diameter of the sun. Lauren, Lizzy and Grace came closest. Mr. Brooks had previously mentioned that when the pinhole viewer is furthest away from the surface the image is projected on, you get a more accurate measurement. It was their group that did have the biggest distance from their pinhole.

You can calculate the approximate diameter of the moon using this calculation:

                       Diameter of the image of the moon

                                            divided by

                   The disance from the pinhole to the paper

The answer to this is then

                                           multiplied by

                      The Distance from the moon to the earth


The approxiamte distance from the moon to the earth is 149,600, 000 kiliometers.

Wait for a full or near full moon, enlist some help, calculate and leave an answer on this post as a comment. In a few weeks time we will reveal the actual distance and who was the closest!!


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